Artist Videos 2016
Welcome to our Video page. There was a time where we would have others shoot all our videos, but now we do all the work. We now offer video's under our umbrella company entitled "6 Shot Productions". Great videos at a great price. Nothing isnt to hard for the amount of work, time and attention we put into each and every shot. Theres more than just a great video to go along with a great song. Theres the essence of knowing that you have a potential master piece in the making. We can make it happen for you, if you belive in it, we can achieve it.



   Lou Ezy B: Brother of the struggle
   MBP: All-Stars on the track
   MBP: Radio History
   Angie Alove: Are you ready/Roll Play
   Solo Xquizit: Word Out
   Solo Xquizit  & Alove: I do this
   Video Game Deal: We Are Chicago
   Fe Chi: Trendy
   Lou Ezy B: L.E.B
   Solo Xquizit & Alove: Go Viral
   MBP: Astro Project 
   Non Profit Organization: 
   MBP: Volume 1: Greatest Hitz
   Radio Interviews: Power 92.3 
   Magazine Interviews
   Opening up for Chicago Artists
   ASCAP & BMI Member 
   ASCAP Publishers
   Channel 7 News Interview
   Interlectual Radio Interview 
   UBM Internet Radio Interview 
   Love Nasty Tour starring Latina Moore
   15-City Chicago School Tour
   Sync Licence & Master Deal
   Show Participation & Community Events 


When ever it comes to studio production we try and take it as serious as the last project. Were not in a competitive stage with our competitive rivalries. We simply enjoy producing great music for really great sounding artists.... rather that be Rap, Hip hop, pop or our newly found sound , Trap beats and to tell you the truth, there going fast. Sometimes its hard to keep up while creating that sound. But, if it's a great beat you want mixed and mastered, than get ready for us. Cause nothing says great quality untill you check out ours.